I’m Back in Therapy and It’s All Your Fault

Alternating Current: I’m Back in Therapy and It’s All Your Fault

“If you’ve ever felt like breaking out of the maze and doing something truly bold, this release should provide the perfect inspiration. Throw off the restraints of your life jacket now and prepare for a jolt.” – F5, Wichita, Kansas

Pianist/composer Roberta Piket, who has performed professionally as a sidewoman with Dave Liebman, Rufus Reid, Michael Formanek, Eliot Zigmund, Lionel Hampton and others and whose acoustic jazz recordings have garnered rave reviews, manifests her unique musical viewpoint via an exciting electric project. Alternating Current represents Roberta’s first serious foray into the world of electricity (in music, that is). Exploring a new sonic palette with a vintage Wurlitzer electric piano and some tastefully chosen effects pedals, Roberta brings jazz, funk, fusion, rock, and neo-classical influences to a supremely adventurous musical experience where retro meets the future.

“A sense of discovery abounds, as Piket indulges in fusion, hard bop, and spacious jams laden with reverb-drenched effects.” – Billboard

In addition to Roberta on electric piano, I’m Back in Therapy and It’s All Your Fault features Bruce Arnold on acoustic and electric guitars and Supercollider computer music program. Comments Piket, “In the past, I’ve eschewed guitar because I felt it got in the way of the chords I wanted to play. But Bruce and I have a similar sensibility – we both like weird, chromatic harmonies, and we listen to each other, so instead of clashing, the guitar and electric piano actually mesh very well.” Also featured are Cliff Schmidt on electric bass and Kirk Driscoll on drums.

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